• Neuroplasticity

    The human brain has evolved for thousands of years and just within the past few years through research we are finally breaking through and learning about the intricacies of brain function. Research has proven that the brain has and can network around injuries and or tumors to maximize function. With that knowledge, we as therapists are able to optimize recovery and restore function.
  • Scientists Recreate Brain Cells

    A team of scientists at Penn State University, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and other institutions have developed a method for recreating a schizophrenic patient’s own brain cells, which
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  • Functioning Synapse

    Researchers create functioning synapse using carbon nanotubes. Devices might be used in brain prostheses, or combined into a massive network of synthetic neurons to create a synthetic brain. Engineering researchers
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  • Molecular Architecture

    CSHL structural biologists reveal molecular architecture of key NMDA receptor subunit Structure of GluN2D subunit when docked with certain neurotransmitters helps explain the receptor’s slow deactivation Structural biologists at Cold
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  • Effects of obesity on the brain

    Effects of obesity on the brain: first evidence of sex-related differences in the brain’s white matter structure Obesity is today one of the most prevalent medical conditions, and has a
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