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In 2003, we felt there was a need for a science website that was dedicated strictly to neuroscience research news, so we took action. We created a neuroscience website that focuses mainly on neuroscience research news and we plan on keeping it that way.

We scour news sources every weekday and choose only neuroscience research related news headlines and links to post. We attempt to link to the original neuroscience research news release as much as possible to enable our readers to bypass opinion and get straight to the news.

Neuroscience News staff encourages visitors to submit neuroscience research articles, neuroscience article reviews, brain research news, breaking neuroscience news tips, neuroscience book reviews and suggestions to be reviewed, implemented and possibly published on Neuroscience News.

We are currently updating areas of Neuroscience News, so be sure to check back often for new sections such as areas dedicated to neuroscience terms, AI, memory research, neuroscience forums, neuroscience labs, neuroscience jobs, neuroscientist lab positions, neuroscience graduate programs, neuroscience scholarships, new neuroscience research topics and more.

Thank you for visiting Neuroscience News and please bookmark this page for daily neuroscience research news updates.

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  • Neuroplasticity

    The human brain has evolved for thousands of years and just within the past few years through research we are finally breaking through and learning about the intricacies of brain function. Research has proven that the brain has and can network around injuries and or tumors to maximize function. With that knowledge, we as therapists are able to optimize recovery and restore function.