The Brad Kaminsky Foundation for Brain Tumor Research

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TBKF is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit public charity. The foundation began in 2000 just shortly after Brad Kaminsky was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor.

An active 28 year old Assistant District Attorney from Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the father of Jessica and Aaron, (then 7 &3), Brad was known for his intelligence, loud voice, love of sports, helping others and his great sense of humor! Brad was diagnosed after a sudden seizure. Upon hearing the news that Brad had a terminal illness and between 6-18 months to live (he vowed to beat that statistic and he did, laying down his sword 19 months EXACTLY to the day of his diagnosis, a testament to the Human Will and Spirit!) for which there was no cure, our family and friends gathered, rallied, Prayed and vowed to make a difference in the war against brain tumors. We could not believe what little information existed and how the standard “protocol” treatments had little effect on the very poor prognosis.
Five years after Brad’s untimely death, we are still fighting for that CURE! We promised Brad, and the many Angels taken way too soon from this horrific disease, that we would continue their fight and that they would NEVER be Forgotten.

In the past five years, however, research has made strides, introducing several new “protocols” in brain tumor treatments, and they are having good results and extending life expectancy. There have also been great strides in surgical procedures, affecting the quality of life and overall prognosis. Sadly, the research still has a long way to go. The disease is still lethal in many cases and we need to assist in raising funds to further the research so that Effective treatments and ultimately a CURE can be found today!

That is why Our Mission is to:

Raise Awareness of Brain Tumors and Raise Funds for Research so that Effective Treatments and Ultimately, A CURE, may be found. We are also dedicated to providing support and resources to those affected by this horrible disease, and will work with other organizations for the betterment of all patients and families so as to bring about a cure as quickly as possible.


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