Local Non-Profit Provides Assistive Technology to People Suffering with ALS

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  • Date Posted:  March 1st, 2012
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Voice For Joanie is a non- profit corporation that provides assistive technology to people suffering with ALS, so they may have a “voice”. VFJ volunteer(s) meets with the client and family members to evaluate the need and to determine which communication equipment will help. Computer technology is adapted and modified according to specific needs, and a volunteer is assigned to each client to provide continuous individual support. During the 20 years it has been in existence helping those suffering from ALS, Voice For Joanie has assisted over 850 people.



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  • Neuroplasticity

    The human brain has evolved for thousands of years and just within the past few years through research we are finally breaking through and learning about the intricacies of brain function. Research has proven that the brain has and can network around injuries and or tumors to maximize function. With that knowledge, we as therapists are able to optimize recovery and restore function.