Nutrition & Dietary Changes to Fight Disease

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Everyone hears about the latest “healthy” diet , new “miracle” drugs to fight cholesterol and the most important vitamin or supplement to consume. What do we do with all this information? What do we believe? An ultimately what do we do? Most Americans probably do one of two things; try a new fad diet that does not last with any sustainable benefits or do nothing and continue on the self-destructive path of bad eating habits. Just like any major decision in life, do your research and do not rely on one source of information. I’ve personally done what I would consider a significant amount of reading and opinion gathering in the past 5 years since my family has been stricken with Cancer. Based on our research and what we promote to our friends, family and patients is primarily a whole food plant based diet. What is a whole food plant based diet? It’s simple, eat plants! Any vegetables, whole grains or legumes. Try to avoid or limit all processed foods and animal products. If you have animal products, limit your intake to organic, grass fed meats or wild salmon.
For more information to help you make better nutrition decisions check out the following –

1. The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell
5. The Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz
6. Video by Dr. Terry Wahls

-Jessica Granger


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