Summit Acquires only RT600 Step & Stand System in the NorthEast

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  • Date Posted:  March 1st, 2012
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In 1983 Nan Davis, a paraplegic student who walked out of her chair across the stage to receive her diploma, startled the world and opened eyes to people who thought there was no chance for recovery. One of the methods to aide in her rehab was functional electrical stimulation. Her recovery inspired a TV movie called “First Steps.” which included footage of the graduation walk and even Davis in a few scenes. Since then, FES has been used more for the treatment of individuals with spinal cord injury and post stroke who are not able to use upper extremities due to their neurological injury. Research and clinical experience has noted that FES provides aerobic exercise in people who could not move on their own due to their injury; builds muscle mass, enhances heart and lung function and improves strength and circulation. The RT 600 is the first standing and stepping functional electrical stimulation device to aide patients with neurological injuries in standing and stepping utilizing their own muscles. It is capable of using up to 10 muscle groups in one or both legs and trunk. Patients have expressed after using the device that they have not received a “cardio workout” like this since before they suffered their injury. At Summit our patients have demonstrated improvements in muscle mass, strength, endurance and positive attitudes. We have also noted improvements in over land walking with SCI,  MS and Stoke.

-Adam Granger, MSPT


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  • Neuroplasticity

    The human brain has evolved for thousands of years and just within the past few years through research we are finally breaking through and learning about the intricacies of brain function. Research has proven that the brain has and can network around injuries and or tumors to maximize function. With that knowledge, we as therapists are able to optimize recovery and restore function.